Can anyone advise me?



I am having real probs with trying to burn a CD under Windows XP.
My CD RW drive is a Samsung SW 252 F which, according to the computer hardware properties, is working fine.

I have been trying to copy my old recorded cassetted to a CD and have successfully generated wav files on my hard drive. I now want to save them to a CD. (either as data or audio files)

I thought that I should be able to do this using the Windows XP drag & copy facilities. The process appears to work but then when I put the CD back in, the computer doesn’t see any files and tells me that the disc is completely empty.

I have also tried using the CD burn option in the “CLEAN” program that I’m using to import the original files. Again, this all seems to go smoothly, simulation & writing, but at the end, nothing seems to be saved.

Can anyone help? I’m at my wits end!!!



Welcome to CDF, GillyC :slight_smile:

Maybe you should try a “proper” burning program - to burn them as an audio CD, you can try Burrrn, the program works really well for me.

Do you have a copy of Nero at all, maybe one that came with your drive?


Thanks for replying. I have a copy of Nero that came with my previous computer. It doesn’t seem to recognise the Samsung Drive (but it it perhaps too old) When I asked about a CD burner for this computer, I was told I didn’t need one since I could use the Windows XP facility. Perhaps I was misinformed.
Maybe I just need to get an uptodate version of Nero then?


If you want to burn the files to CD as data discs, there are a couple of freeware programs you can try, save you shelling out for an up to date Nero :wink:

DeepBurner (but not DeepBurner Pro, you have to pay for that)
CDBurnerXP Pro

Give those a try and see how you get on. :slight_smile:

As for the Windows built-in CD burner…it’s not that good :wink:


I’ll do that. Thanks so much,


You’re welcome - any problems, just post back and we can go from there :slight_smile:


Yes, the inbuilt Windows XP burning is for DATA only. It is incapable of burning an Audio CD.


The best thing to use Nero Burning ROM if you have it otherwise download and install for free for 30 days as a trail period, click on new compilation on the right hand side of that window you could see your HD and directory that you have your Wav files there just highlight them, then drag and drop them on left hand side and click burn. You can do it as data of Audi CD.