Can AnyDVDHD extract segments of HD-DVD/Blu-ray discs?

I’m currently considering to purchase AnyDVD w/HD option to take advantage of the discount. One question though - is AnyDVD with HD option able to extract some segments (say about 2 - 5 mins) and ready to be burn to a disc, similar to what DVD Shrink re-author mode do to DVDs?? Do I need other software like CloneDVD?
Thanks for advising.

There is no way with anydvd to only get 2 to 5 minute segmats of the movie. Anydvd runs in the background and then you use your favorite app like DVD Shrink to rup to the HDD. Shrink or clonedvd will not assist you on HD/BD discs.

thz for replying.
Just to be clear. We need another apps (such as DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, etc) to use in conjunction with AnyDVD to rip DVDs to HDD. Yes? How about AnyDVD HD? Does it contain a built-in ripper to rip HD/BD discs?

Yes AnyDVD HD does have a built in ripper but not the ability to rip portions of the movie to the Hard Drive

AnyDVD HD by itself will rip the entire disc. You would need other software to rip pieces, yes. If it’s a blu-ray disc look into tsremux and if it’s an HD DVD look at evodemux. AnyDVD HD has to be running or you must have already ripped them to the hard drive to use those utilities. For more information on them, just do a google search and you’ll find them.