Can anybody tell me the procedure



Hi to all, I am new to this Forum.

I want to develop my own vc++ application to write files on to CD.

Can anybody tell me the procedure

1)How to use the Nero SDK
2)How to run Nero SDK Samples on PC
3)Requirements to use Nero SDK
4)(NeroAPI/NeroCmd/NeroCOM/NeroCBUI/NeroVisionAPI) Which one I have to use

I will be greatful to those who reply soon.


  1. Read the NeroAPI documentation included with the SDK

  2. Just compile it in your MSVC.

  3. Nero must be installed on the computer.

  4. In your case I’d recommend to use the NeroAPI.

But it all seems that you need a little more reading…


i think if someone posted some basic code to write a simple file to a cd
it would avoid a lot of newbies like me asking questions :slight_smile:


Sorry, but you’re a C++ developer/programmer. The Nero SDK comes with a relatively good documentation plus two demo applications to burn ISO files. Actually, the Nero Fiddles example VC++ MFC Dialog-based application burns a selectable file, just take a sneak peak into it. That’s almost all you need.