Can anybody suggest me a NICK name?

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Somebody seems to be obsessed here…

(I can’t blame him however ;))

Good, the suggestions are coming in.

Does anybody know exciting names in Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, etc etc?
:wink: :smiley: :slight_smile:

In Dutch: hangtiet :slight_smile:

dedicated to dansmug

Another nice name generator :slight_smile:

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this is good. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Another nice name generator :slight_smile:

my oz prison bitch name is: Fruity Pebbles…i think thats a bad thing.

aah, could be worse. tried one of my friend’s names, he got “ass-assasin”. I’ll be very careful to watch my back at his house from now on. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m pretty into the American Indian history and culture, so my suggestion for you is -

Hung Like Bull

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my oz prison bitch name is: Fruity Pebbles…i think thats a bad thing. [/B]

Yeah, that’s real bad. I bet you get hunt down by ass-assasins every night.:bigsmile:


Aah, Good suggestion are comming in.

I think my quest for a nice NICK name will be over sooner than I thought.:wink:

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my afghan terrorist name is: Darkanzali Al’boobslim. lmao im glad it wasn’t Ghai Fagbhut

Mine is Fatin’ma Bhutti!!

What about:The_cheeseman!!!:bigsmile:

Don’t know which site but, few months back it suggested me the NICK name: CheesierCastle

Misukin Alah Offen man that my terrorist nick i feel so low

Oh crap Icant get a break my oz Prison Bitch name is He Whore
I think I need a new agent

go with Pinky from pinky and the Brain shrug

Sheikh Rattle-al-Roll <=== I owned u all

HAHAHA :stuck_out_tongue:

how abt badass, cdraider

How about one of these

  1. TerrorShawn
  2. TerminatorShawn
  3. PredatorShawn

or something like this.


I cancelled PredatorShawn.

Gotta decide between other 2 so just put it on heads or tails of a coin.

Heads: TerminatorShawn
Tails: TerrorShawn

Tossed the coin 5 times.

3 times it was heads & 2 times tails.

So, I’ll take TerminatorShawn.

Thanx all of you for the help & suggestion.

So besides having a hard time picking your own nick, now it turns out you are also not creative enough to pick your own avatar???