Can anybody point me to a blueray to blueray guide pls



tried searching but did not find anything specific. I want to back up my bluerays to the blueray disks I have which are of the 25gig variety. Thank you :slight_smile:


Here are a couple to get you started.

Feel free to ask for help in either of those threads if you have questions.


You can rip to the hard drive with AnyDVD HD (except some with the newest BD+ protection).

Most Blu Ray movies will be larger than your target 25gb disks, so you might have to select only the main movie and one audio stream to save as a new blu ray disk. You can do this with tsMuxeR.

The hard part starts when the main movie is split among 2 or more m2ts files. You can examine the movie with BDInfo or BDEdit to find the streams, then combine them with TSSplitter.

If the result is still too large to fit onto a 25gb BD-R or BD-RE disk, then you have to reencode to a smaller size. You can do this with Ripbot264. Zaina recently pointed out how to do this for a 25gb BD disk…which I never found :doh:


Thank you all :slight_smile: I’ll give it a go with ripbot first.