Can anybody help? s-video cable transmits black/white

Dear Forum
I’ve had an AverMedia TV Go 007 FM Plus card installed for two weeks now and I’m satisfied with the product as far as TV reception is concerned.Nevetheless, when I tried to capture a movie from my VCR, and bought a S-Video cable and an adaptor from SCART to S-Video, the signal and picture transmitted, was black and white.I tried and managed to make it coloured by short - circuiting the S-Video cable.However, picture quality has deteriorated, showing also some lines where the colors are too bright.
I expect this is not a normal connection but is there any other way I can get a color signal and imrove the quality of the captured movie?
Thank You,
sdim - Greece

You have a bad cable or connector.

Will your VCR actually transmit S-Video? Not all will.