Can anybody help me?

can anybody help me? i got some issue with my usb stick,first it hangs when i plug it to my pc and i can still see the volume…it says 4 gb but after that i take a step to delete its partition using window xp and then create new partition at rabge of 3.72gb but then it ask me to format the usb stick and i start to forna it then it says window unable to format the drive then i try to change the drive letter to letter x instead of f and try to format but still ccant done it…after reboot the drive now cant be see anymore on my computer…after while i try using command and open diskpart and open list volume but suprisingly my drive just dont shows up but when i plug it it says usb flash 2.0 was connected…please someone help me or you can email me at ***********

Grumpy, You should never display your e-mail address on a public forum. I sent a message to the Mod to remove it for you.


I don’t fully understand what problem you are having. The drive can’t be formatted? It doesn’t appear in Windows Explorer? Not sure about the partition, but maybe you just have a bad flash drive. Do you have another to try? Have you tried using a different USB port?

Here are a couple of tools you can try:

This one is German