Can anybody help me?

I just flashed my NEC 2510A by firmware 2.16. But when I use it to burn a DVD movie I downloaded from internet by a DVD+R. The movie can be played by my computer but can’t be player by my Apex DVD 2100. I know that my Apex DVD 2100 can’t recognize DVD+R. But one of my friends’ DVD burner can burn the DVD movies on DVD+R and those DVD+R can be recognized by my Apex DVD 2100. So how can I make the DVD movies on the DVD+R be recognized by my old Apex DVD 2100? Shoul I use other firmware for my NEC
2510A? Thank you very much.

Look for a firmware for your burner that supports bitsetting for +R discs. That will hopefully do it.


You need Herrie´s 2k5107v2b5dld firmware, supports bitsetting on SL and DL DVD media. :wink:

Use Liggy´s Binflash to set the booktype to DVD-ROM. :cool: