Can anybody explain this on a Benq 1650?


Everytime I’ve recently tried to burn a verb MCC004 I have had odd results. I recently tried f/w BCHC & BCFC, but returned to BCDC. Just as the scan gets to 3.5gb the PIE errors go sky high, although the PIF’s don’t. On the scan below, PIE total was only 3000 until the 3.5gb point.

I thought it may have been the particular spindle, so I went out and bought another for cheap at staples. But the problem still happens…

WOPC on. SB On, OS off burnt at 12x

Since you have plenty of discs, burn about three more
to give SB a chance to learn the media, then see
if things get better.
Also, after flashing recheck settings for SB as
it usually goes back to default (SB off for known media)
after flash.

Would you share with us what program you used to burn this disc. Did you use QSuite to turn on the WOPC and Solid burn?

Hi alan1476

I used imgburn V1.3 to burn and did use Qsuite to enable SB for known media. WOPC was enabled by default.

burn one at 8x and watch those last PIE’s drop?
I am getting PIE avg slightly around 2 with Yuden T02’s and my benq 1650,
some rise at edge of disk

Thanks for answering my question, I had another eason for asking, some of us have been having problem burning with the 1655 and 1650 with QSuite and Solid Burn enabled with another proggy right at the 3.5 gig mark also, turn off Solid burn and the problems vanish.

Why walk the xtra mile and use QSuite at all?

All SolidBurn functions can easily be governed by ImgBurn! Even when you have a disc in drive.
Can’t see any reason why we still use crap QSuite when all useful functions can be applied within our most common used apps like; ImgBurn, Nero CD-DVD Speed, Nero.

[I]godedd[/I], I shouldn’t worry about that PIE hill at end of disc because this might be caused by drive. Note, quality scanning is not an absolute science and every drive will scan different.
Just run a transfer rate test to see that disc can be read at high speed all the way.

Can they also clear EEPROM of learned media?

No, not with those tools…, not per definition.
Still, the best way to clean learning is to reflash. :slight_smile:

What QSuite shows you (and lets you “clean”) is learned media MID’s. But I’m not that sure this is the only “learning” going on in eeprom.