Can any1 recomend asimple program 2 cut out titles/extras in DVD's on my harddrive?

hello i will be ripping a couple of movies with dvd decrypter and wanted to what is the simplest program to just cut out all of the titles, extras i dont want. All i want is the main movie and the main menu.

Any suggestions?

probably dvdremakepro, if you dont want to use anydvd


The simplest (and free) is dvd shrink. Also clonedvd is able to do this. Vobblanker is a very good one too, but is a little complicate for beginners.

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DVD Decrypter will allow you to rip just the movie. Check out for a guide.

yeah all i want to do is rip the full movie so i get a 1:1 rip(iso) and preserve the layer break(dvd decrypter can do this bu clonedvd cant). Then when everything is on my PC i want to cut everything out but the main movie and main menu. then once everything is cut out, output this file back to a iso file.(i heard vobblanker does this but why is it complicated for beginers, all i want to do is take out the extras, is that difficult in vobblanker??)

By the way, dvdshrink and clonedvd doesnt preserve the layer break and will not let me rip it without transcoding or rencoding

probably dvdremakepro, if you dont want to use anydvd

Can anydvd cut out extras? i didnt think it could?

If you want to backup main movie only preserving layer break, then you need PgcEdit to do this. Follow this method

With the mthod depicted in this guide you can use pgcedit to do the burn or you can also create an ISO image on your HD after setting the layer break in the right place, and then use imgburn to do the burn.

hmm i see. Does clonedvd rip dual layers well??? how does it handle the layer break?