Can any single layer drive be switched to DL?

I am going to buy a Pioneer 8x dvd recorder which unfortunately only supports single layer and single sided dvd’s (4.7gb) at the moment. I’m wondering if it can be later switched to support DL discs too.

@users which have switched their drives from SL to DL: is the process risky (e.g. done by an unsupported/beta firmware or an official one)?

As far as I know, the answer is no, not every drive can be switched to work as a DL drive. It’s something to do with the hardware and firmware limitations. The NEC 2500a drive is the only one I know of that can be switched and it is an incredibly simple process. Just do a search for the firmware download. If you want complete simplicity then download the windows firmware updater. Just click on the program, click update and within 20 seconds you’re done. Just reboot and make sure no CD is in the drive that you are flashing.

also Liteon 451/851/812 can be easily switched to support DL.

The first post of this thread should be useful:

Any idea if the Optorite DD1203 can be flashed and changed to the dual layered DD1205 model?

Or how about the Sony DWU18A being upgraded to the Dual Layered DW-D18A?

The Sony DWU18A is just a rebaddged LiteON 812S. And since the 812S can be flashed to the DL drive, so can the DWU18A.

What about upgradeing Optorite DD1203 to Optorite DD1205, does that work?

Short answer: NO!
Longer answer: Almost certainly not, unless you are able to write your own firmware!

There are other drives such as the NEC-2500A, the LiteOn 812S, etc. for which this is really easy, or now it’s just as easy to pay a few dollars more for the real thing with a warrantee and all.

The process is fairly safe for the drives I mentioned.

OK. I am about to flash my Sony DWU18A drive with the firmware for the DWD18A. This is the correct firmware to use in this case do upgrade it to dual layered compatibility, correct? Or do I have to use the Lite-On firmware to do it?

the DRU-700A is dual layer capable as it’s an oem of the 832S. so you have to use the DRU-700A’s firmware. but i would recommend to use VS0B as it’s newer and liteon’s firmwares are better than sony’s. just run VS0B through omnipatcher and enable at least crossflashing.

I got it successfully upgraded to a DRU700a for dual layer burning so that’s good! I just wish I could get it to work with a DWD18A firmware. Still having trouble finding one that works. I have to do some digging around for it. I did find one for the DWD18A but its for belt driven drives and I need one for gear driven drives. Thanks for your suggestion though. It works just fine!

and a BTC 1004IM can be convert to DL???


The ONLY DL conversions, are where there is a DL version of the drive which uses the same chipset.

The requirements are:

  1. A DL capable chipset / laser etc. in the drive (eg. Liteon x51s but not x11S)
  2. A newer DL drive using that chipset to donate firmware
  3. Hacking to load the firmware, by adjusting the firmware or the receiving drive

There are not clever firmware modders who can make a DL firmware for a drive, nor can hardware that isn’t capable be made to do it.

The trick is partly in figuring out the similarity, and then in actually persuading it to load … Salute to Codeguys and Herrie! - and the legions of other modders freeing us from unwanted RPC restrictions.

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Anybody know whether the Sony DRX-530UL can be made DL?