Can any DVD recordable disc hold 8.72 billion bytes / 8.15 GiB?

I have a recording (DVB-C/PAL) capture that’s just too big for the usual DVD+R DL discs that I buy (they hold around 8.5 billion bytes / 7.96 GiB). Is there any way for me to use the original files (they are already laid out in the form of a DVD, folder- & file name-wise (\VIDEO_TS, with files split around 1-GiB point - perfect for burning))?

If transcoding (and therefore losing quality) is my only option for getting this to run on a DVD player, can I (losslessly) put the data on a Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD in the future and run them on the video players that run those discs?

Thanks very much.

DVDShrink will make it fit very nicely with no observable loss of quality.

If quality is an issue use DVD Rebuilder will compress it better than a transcoder.

Or you can always split the file and put it onto two DLs for the future.

Depending on the authoring program you use, it could do the small amount of compression you need with no additional effort. (IE: Adobe Premiere) However, if you are going directly to DVD without any additional work, the above suggestions are quite adequate.

This represents only a 97% compression level, which would be impossible to see regardless of what tool is used.

Just remember not to burn from DVD Shrink - it can not set the layer break correctly. Use ImgBurn instead.