Can any DVD burner read as fast as just DVD-ROM?


Can any DVD burner be patched to the same reading speed as a basic DVD reader?
Now my patched Liteon reader can copy content of 4.4 Gb DVD to hard disk in a 5-6 minutes - of course, with more or less noise, but I prefer files to be copied as soon as possible …
Purpose is to move toward smaller PC case, if single DVD drive (burner) could handle also reading at a reasonable time.


Sure [B]some[/B] can.

A year ago there was a minor rivalry between the AOpen and Liteon and BenQ. My recollection was that BenQ won, but now they are gone. If you are looking for a single burner, you will always have something missing. You might check in the Pioneer 112 forum. They seem to think that the 112 can rip DL pressed media close to 18X but I would want to see some evidence. Otherwise avoid NEC and LG.

Answer is clearly no and no.

We have fastest DL ripper thread with some very fast DVD burners/rippers.
For Litey’s also check this thread.
Linked threads are rather old though, but I don’t see any problem to get newer burners ripping at same speed.

BTW, “no and no” is kinda non-informative answer.

imo burners are better readers than dedicated readers

imo burners are better readers than dedicated readers

This is not always the case. Some of the best readers have been ROM drives, not burners. Currently ASUS makes a very good reader that many users of both burners and ROM drives swear by. I have a BenQ ROM drive that I bring out whenever I hit a snag and for real problems, it is better than any of the 11 burners I have.

My 20A1H can read at 16X CAV on a good quality disc. In my opinion, that’s fast enough. Lite-On drives are known for their error correction, and anything faster than 16X is just asking for bit mistakes. I’m willing to wait an extra minute or two to make sure I get a good rip.


Thanks for the multitude of opinions.
I copy often whole data DVDs to hdd as exploring photos or other MM projects direct from DVD is rather slow. I like my 2y old patched Liteon as it can handle transferring to hdd 4.4Gb in 6-7 minutes. In USB external case it may takes a minute longer … but still fast enaough.
I have tested a year ago some Plextor burner units and shortest read transfer time was 15 minutes.

Can I expect from any burner 6-7 minutes for read 4.4Gb to hdd copy times?
My DVD normally has some 600-700 files as this also matter a lot for copy speed.

My addition after posting the reply :-):
I did some tests with new samsung burners - amazingly these are much quicker then most burners 1.5 yeaers ago! Transfer time varies from 5-7 minutes … I see I must do some homework now as situation has drastically changed in a year.

Plextor burners have a SpeedRead option which is not enabled by default (reducing noise and wear on the drive).

show me a reader that can do dvd9 at 15.95x as the benq 1640 can ( man i wish i didn’t give it to my friend). i want another one

Till now I used my Aopen 1648 AAP (non-Pro) for all my ripping, cause it was the fastest among all my drives and never gave me a read-error.

Since my LG H22N can be speedpatched by MCSE I did a little test Aopen vs. LG

SingeLayer Estimated Time:
Aopen 4:52
LG 4.56

Aopen 10:57
LG 11:12

As you see, the Aopen was only 4 seconds faster than the LG, on DL it’s 15 seconds.
If I would need another ripper, I would go for the LG as it’s a burner and maybe a better reader, because it doesn’t have the problems my Aopen has on burned media with high jitter, where my 1648 tends to have little speed dips.