Can any 1 help me out of this error

hii buddies…i am trying 2 copy cricket 2005 cd into my system…adn when it is copying file it is giving a data error CYCLIC REDUNDANCY CHECK.what may b the problem…and how to rectify it…plzz help me…thx…raghav

A CYCLIC REDUNDANCY CHECK error means a read error which is caused by a damaged disc, a dirty disc or a copy-protection. Check your disc surface for scratches and smudges and try to clean it or try to read it in a different drive (some drives are better at reading damaged discs than others).

I got the same error mesage while trying to restore an IBM server from thier disks on disk 7 or so.

Had to call them and get another set next day aired to me, it was our ups manifest. The odd thing is it wasn’t scratched or copy protected, but if you held it up to the light…you could see track marks on the cd that looked like 5-6 sessions on the disk.

Second set worked fine the next day, and the odd disk appeared all one session.

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