Can an USB CD.Recorder works under DOS?



I want to backup my HD with Norton Ghost 6.5 but seems that my hp8200e USB doesn’t work under DOS.
Any help?


DOS has no USB support as far as I know.
WIndows 95 (latest service releases or special patches are required) is not even erally supporting USB.

The first decent support for USB can be found in Windows98.

There are drivers for external writers connected to SCSI and LPT, but not USB, unfortunately


Here is the symantec support site for NortonGhost 6.5

It says there is support for USB drives, but my question is: You are running norton ghost under MSDOS? Seems to me NortonGhost would be running under Win32?

But check out the support link above, maybe you can find some answers there… /shrug


Yes, there are beta drivers…

I know this because I had to Ghost a server hard drive at 3am at our co-lo…

I used a LacIE 30gB withUSB and Firewire, no problems to speak of, but you need to “doctor” a win98 bootdisk to get the drivers onto the machine (not too hard…)

I suppose you could blow an image from a CDR on if hard drives work…



Hi mr_claypole

Do you know where can I get those drivers to see if works with my burner?




I can’t remember which one it was, but it was either on the symantec site or on the LaCie site, and they were BETA so if they don’t work with your specific kit - it wouldn’t surprise me…

Mr C;)