Can an image of a SD 2.9 game be successfully mounted?



I’m new to this stuff and I see tons of threads about how to backup a cd but how about an image w/out a no-cd patch? When I try with Alcohol 120% it still asks for the cd…


Hi pdawg17,

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Would be nice posting the following things which will be helpful solving your problem:

  1. title of the game
  2. your alcohol version
  3. all your drives, reader and writer

I think that’s it :slight_smile:

p.s. talking about cracks is not allwoed at cdfreaks :cop: please read the forum rules


No-cd patches are illegal, if you choose to discuss/use them here, you choose not to be here. Not saying you use them, just give you a freindly warning.

If a SD2.9 image is made with a suitable unit, it can be easily mounted to a virtual drive via Daemon tools or Alcohol 120% virtual drive. Make the image with BW5 or Alcohol, personally id use BW5 if we are discussing Battlefield:Vietnam.



First of all, don’t worry…the reason I’m asking how to do it w/out no-cd patch is b/c I don’t want to use one :)…the game is MVP Baseball 2004…I’m using the most recent Alcohol version and have a Pioneer A05 dvd burner…the burner probably would make things more difficult for me…is there a way to take an image that is already taken from the cd and make it work or do I need to start at square one and re-read the disc? Even when mounting the image with Alcohol or Daemon tools it still asks for the cd…


No problem SafeDisc pdawg17,

MVP Baseball 2004 is SafeDisc 2.90.040 protected (UK version). Make a new Image of the cd using the SafeDisc 2/3 profile at low speed, I’m reading at 4x. Then burn your dumped Image also with SafeDisc profile 2/3 leave EFM checked at 4x. Go to the emulation options of alcohol and check the SafeDisc emulation.The problem will probably be your pioneer if you want to check if it can encode EFM correctly look here Efm Is Your Drive Capable, here you can check. The pioneer is not in the list so you have to test it as described. Then your backup should work :slight_smile: , if not please post again.