Can an image be protected



can I protect an iso image on a cd/dvd from being copied. so that it can’t be copied or written on a cd/dvd? but it can be read? I mean if the image itself is on the cd/dvd. what if there are two or more images?(just wondering because knowledge is power) if yes how?


:iagree:The answer is yes it can.:iagree: Since nobody replied I started thinking about ways this could be done I will give you details of how this can be done soon.:smiley:




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I’ve got a question about your question. Isn’t an ISO burned to a CD the same as the original programs or data that the ISO was created from?


Well, I know it’s gonna sound odd to you but I needed to put an image on a dvd.this is because I don’t wanna use multiple cds.both the app and the cd that is supposed to be in the cd drive for the program to work are in one DVD.
For reasons I can’t share with you I needed the dvd as a whole and the image to be protected from copying. I don’t wanna get into detail as to how I did this but since you asked i’m gonna share it with you.:wink:
I did step 3 of the TZCP on the iso image. mounted the image on a virtual drive. made a cuesheet/bin image file using cdrwin. used WTM CP on the bin image. protected it with the rest of the steps in TZCP. this would only prevent the mounted image from being copied but of course would not prevent the image itself from being copied so I had to make it hard at least. I put the cuesheet/bin image files in one folder and changed the name of the cuesheet to sth different from the bin image. then I added about 40 dummy bin files and some image.imp files from WTM that I had renamed to *.bin and made them look real to that same folder.(one of the dummy bin files has the same name as the cuesheet) then I added this folder to the bigger picture which is the iso image of the dvd. I added the size of all the bin files including the real one to 2gb using TZCP. and the image works just fine on a virtual drive. if someone wants to copy the image he/she either has to test 40sth files one by one and if lucky get a 2gb file instead of a 500mb one. or copy the entire folder which is over 80gb to their hard drive which is fine by me(because it seems that person really needs it.:D) I neither have the time nor am I in the mood to talk about how I protected the big picture…:bigsmile: