Can all new DVD Players play dvd+r dl dvds?

Do all livingroom dvd players play DVD+R DL DVD’s, as my old Logix 3300D gets half way through then it’s unwatchable, but plays perfect on a Bush DVD2038

if its booktyped to dvd-rom most modern plays will, obviously your old player has an issue with the layer break or the disc is faulty what brand of media are you using? if its some cheap stuff thats probably the reason.

I have been using a Pioneer DVR111 to burn a 7GB movie without compression to a
Datawrite Full-Face Printable (8x) DL DVD+R

I want to get this problem sorted, as I don’t want to buy another dvd player, just so I can watch the Dual Layer DVD movies… Cheaper using different dvd’s if it cures the problem.

I wouldn’t touch Datawrite for DL…I’d recommend Verbatim. :slight_smile:

I 2nd this motion. Verdict: Buy some Verbies. Baliff, please remove the offending media from the plaintiffs burner. :bigsmile: