Can ALL models/firmwares of the plex 24x burn sd2 and other protections?

I’d like to know if ALL models/firmwares of the plex 24x can burn SD2 because i’d like to buy one. For info i live in belgium (in europe :))
and can all European plex 24 burn perfectly SD2 ?
Thx a lot

i bought one a few weeks ago , as far as i tested it , yes , no problem , i was asking the same question ( see thread : robertzimmer : plex 24/10/40ta and safedisc 2 from 15/11/2001 ) and the answers i ’ ve got from the moderator G@M3FR3@K were all positive .
by the way , about belgium , maybe we are neighbours .are you dutch or french speaking ?
bye for now .

As fas as I know: YES.

All Plextor PX-W2410A models can handle SafeDisc 2.