Can Alcohol copy CD TEXT or not?

Just that. Can Alcohol keep CD TEXT when copying?

Seems that it’s not possible due to incomplete subchannel reading, but just want to be sure. Thanks a lot.

CD-TEXT is stored in the subchannels, so as long as you read them when making the image (audiocd+ profile), it should be OK.

Yes, CD TEXT is stored in the subchannels, but it’s under the lead-in area, and Alcohol seems to just take in account TOC information there (and maybe others, but should care about PMA info too).

The subchannel info that Alcohol reads when in audioCD+ is subchannel info from program area (not from lead in or lead out areas).

well, a few months ago i tried to copy an audio cd with cd-text with alc 1.4.8 just for fun - normally i do this with EAC.
i used the AudioCD+ profile, but the result was a NOT readable cd for my Sony-Standalone-DVD Player (which i use to listen to audio cd’s). i repeated this with some cd’s, it never gave good results, some were readabel, but had wrong timecode, bad gaps between the tracks or whatever…
using EAC on the same drives / media’s gave (as always) 100% perfect backups… :wink:

I tried copying a disc with CD-TEXT with latest Alcohol and guess what. After burning I first checked the disc with CCD5 and it says there is no CD-Text, then I tried to play it in my stand-alone CD player. Not only did it not see the CD-Text, but it wouldn’t even play the disc. Next, I put it back in the pc’s cd-rom and brought up Nero. Nero couldn’t find any CD-Text either.
Microsoft’s Medial player will play the music ok but that application doesn’t even try to look for CD-Text.
There is a definite bug here in Alcohol.

Thanks to all for your replies… I’ve checked the image files from alcohol… There’s no CD-TEXT info inside them, just TOC and ISRC (if present).


There’s a couple of details on CD-TEXT here:

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