Can Alcohol 120% backup this game to DVD?

I own the original of a DVD game with SecuROM Can Alcohol 120% burn it to DVD? What has to be taken into consideration when backuping it to DVD? Could I play this game just using the disk burnt by Alcohol 120% when having uninstalled Alcohol 120% after finishing burning or on the other non-Alcohol 120% installed computers. Thanks in advance.

Its not yet possible to write the image to disc, presently there is no problem with Images mounted in Alcohols virtual drive

And if it was possible to write the image to disc the remainder of your question would be NO as it would requier RMPS so you would need Alcohol installed,

I think Phoenix must have misread your post. You can burn it to disc, but as he said it would require Alcohol to be installed for emulation.

Please could you confirm Jito463’s opinion? I’ve indeed heard few brand burners can do it before.

Are you sure it applies to a DVD backup using any brand burner?

Jito486 (also a member of alcohol’s support staff) is correct.

What phoenix no doubt meant is that it isn’t possible to make a working back-up copy of a securom protected dvd that will work without emulation.

It is, however, possible to make a back-up copy that will work with RMPS emulation.

I think you’re a member of alcohol’s support staff as well, aren’t you?
I heard a guy played just the disk without any emulation like RMPS emulation, which was burnt by Lite-on burner with Alcohol 120%. So, as you said, it’s impossible to do that like the guy I heard, right?

Nope, 'fraid not.

Correct this time. The only way in which a copy would work without emulation is if the “original” were an illegal cracked copy rather than a genuine original disc.

Ok. But he said to backup from the genuine original disc, it’s possible he’d opened any of his emulations by accident, whereas he didn’t realize that.

The disc would have said “Requiers emulation” if no emulation such as Alcohol or Daemon Tools were present.

And yes i got a little tongue tied with my first answer, it was late i was awake but my brain was asleep :slight_smile:

Thanks to phoenix, Jito463 and philamber.

If it was a CD based game, it might be possible using the Twinpeaks/Twinsector method. But for a DVD based game, you must have emulation enabled.

It’s occult. Thanks a lot.