Can airport Xray-scans damage DVDR or CDR media?

I bought around 30 DVDRs and CDRs filled with anime for a lotta money.
The guy is sending it to me via UPS.

I was just wondering that while the stuff passes thru customs of my country and his country is it possible that it can get damage? or the data can get corrupted with the X-ray machines or something?

Would really help if someone could give me an educated answer to make peace my mind :stuck_out_tongue:


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I doubt that xrays will damage your discs, at least in the quantity applied in this situation. It’s not good for magnetic medium, but optical should be just fine.

Sorry about that.

BTW, since I was here. I downloaded Kprobe.
Looks like an interesting program.

I ran some c1/c2 tests with it.
Now, what I dont understand is, how do I judge whether my CDR is good or bad based on the c1/c2 results?

Heres what it said:

Max: 455
Total: 112927
Average: 28.948

Max: 975
Total: 86562
Average: 22.192

How do I interpret these numbers?

Thanks again!

Those error levels are very high. A good burn is considered to have no C2 errors and very few (around 10 Max) C1 errors.

You shouldn’t see any C2 on a good disc. Suggest you have a look through the media test threads to familiarize yourself with typical scan results. Many people are now reporting C1 levels in the range of Max-10. Averages and total C1 aren’t particularly important in and of them selves, but are used to compare discs. Although a lower total value is always better.

I use LG (Prodisc) CDRs.

Are they any good?

I tried searching but this damn forum wont search for LG (minimum letters is 3, how annoying!!!)

Are they any good?

I think your scan results have answered that. Perhaps you need to burn them slower. Prodisc seem to produce a wide range of quality, some good and some bad. Search for “prodisc”, or just look at the test threads.

well, I tested multiple CDs of Prodisc and each CD gave me varying results.

Some had little errors, some had medium and some had a TON.

What does that suggest?

I am using LiteOn CDR-2410B burner

What does that suggest?

That’s about par for Prodisc. The newer drives seem to like the high-speed Prodisc media fairly well.

Thanks for your help man!

For the past few hours I’ve been researching over these forums.

I am going to buy a DVDR next week (mostly likely Pioneer A05 or MAYBE Sony DRU500A)

Could you recommend some GOOD DVDR media for these drives?
I’ve been thru some threads but each of them give conflicting views. I assume since you are such a hardcore user here you could give me some decisive advice!

Also, while you are at it, can you recommend some good CDR media too? Apart from TY, cuz we dont get TY here.
I used to use Princo before, lately I started using Prodisc… bad choice I guess.

we dont get TY here

Where is here? The bargain basement forum has a list of sources for various countries.
I don’t use a DVD burner, CDFreaks is too cheap to give me one to play with. :a So far it seems that every DVD burner has it’s own preference for media. If I were you, I’d get a new CD burner first and wait a bit more for the DVD burners to come down in price, not to mention the DVD media prices. But that’s me. I can get Fuji (TY) for $.10 each and burn one in 3 min, so why get a more expensive drive and more expensive media that burns slower?

Good DVD-/+R/RW media are made by:

Taiyo Yuden
Hitachi Maxell

hmm, but so far everyone seems to be recommending Ritek g04

Originally posted by GizmoC
hmm, but so far everyone seems to be recommending Ritek g04

Because that’s a few times cheaper than those Japanese makers.

I think they can be damaged by x-ray. I’m in Hong Kong at the moment rebuilding our regional servers–before leaving the UK I created fresh CD’s for all of the software I needed and checked them to verify no errors occured in the writing process. Having arrived (after passing through customs in the UK, Dubai x 2 and finally Hong Kong) almost all of the discs are partially corrupt and have been rendered useless.

Very lucky that I kept ISO files of each disc on my Laptop or else I would have been having serious problems!!!

Sure they can, as it’s organic dye. Try RW media.
But the thread is old so I believe the original thread starter might have already lost interest in it :wink: