Can airport Xray-scans damage DVDR or CDR media?

I bought around 30 DVDRs and CDRs filled with anime for a lotta money.
The guy is sending it to me via UPS.

I was just wondering that while the stuff passes thru customs of my country and his country is it possible that it can get damage? or the data can get corrupted with the X-ray machines or something?

Would really help if someone could give me an educated answer to make peace my mind :stuck_out_tongue:


ive travveled alot with PC Software. Customs have always said that the machines won’t damage and no software ive ever bought back from the USA has ever been damaged. anyway how do you think MS and other do it when they send junk from america

CDs and DVDs are optical storage, and the the X-Ray beam would need to be hot enough to melt the pits and lands, I think something that would produce so much heat would also damage a lot of other things :wink:

We also never had any report of people claiming their CDs and DVDs were damaged by X-Ray scans, and altough I can’t give you a scientific explaination I would not be afraid for it :wink:

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