Can a virus/trojan affect the benq burner?



can a trojan or virus affect the benq burner? can it make it go bad? by affecting its firmware or whatever?


In theory I guess it’s possible but I’ve never heard of any virus targeting cd/dvd units. Also the virus probably needs to be custommade for each cd/dvd unit that it wanted to attack.

So to me it sounds like it’s just to much work. If I were aiming att destroying as much as possible I would rather focus my attention on the motherboard bios and fry the CPU or something.


I bet those NECers are up to no good! :iagree:


we don’t need to be, the benq is so poor!
(ex benQer, now NECer)


Is this becoming a flaming thread or what…? 8-X

tjoff :iagree:


Guys and gals, keep it clean here…

He asks a question, stick to that. We all have our favourites, but there is no need to take this thread off topic by bashing the other brand!


I’ve once heard of someone else who got hacked and had the firmware wrecked. It’s not beyond belief that someone would do this.


I would readily believe that a computer infected with malware (virus, trojans, adware, spyware, browser hijacks, etc, etc) could either produce bad burns with a good burner, or even completely fail to burn. I would tend to disbelieve that it would actually ruin the drive. That is, if you cleaned up the malware, or moved the drive to another computer, the problems should disappear.