Can a Player Do This?

I want a recorder which will do the following:

  1. Record from an NTL box to hard drive
  2. Hold and catalogue / playback from the hard drive DivX movies and MP3 files. The cataloguing is particularly important. I want to be able to access any one of 10,000 MP3’s quickly and easily or access 1 from a 100 DivX files quickly and easily.
  3. Wireless network so that I can transfer files to and from my PC easily.

Is there anything on the market today which will allow this?

I don’t pretend to know alot about this type of stuff, but from the sounds of it, you described the Media Center PC, I believe it can do all that and more.

Thanks for the response. I have Media Center on a laptop and experimented using that but was unhappy with the warm up time and my wife is uncomfortable using a PC. I know that VIIV may help with warm up times but don’t really want to be an early adopter. I’d rather wait for Vista.

I was hoping that there may be a HDD recorder with wireless networking, DIVX, DVD Recorder / Player and exceptional cataloguing ability. The nearest I have seen is a KISS DP588 but it seems to be unstable and the cataloguing poor.

Given the limited response to my question, it looks like I may just have to wait for Vista. (I don’t want to go down the Mac route as everything else I have is Windows).