Can a NEC ND1300a be patched to a ND 2500?

I’m sure this question has been addressed in the past. I checked the threads to see if there’s any info on this, but could not find anything.

I have a NEC ND1300a. I’d like to boost it’s performance and write speed if possible.

AS with patching a LiteON 451s/851s to convert it to a 832s… Is it possible to flash the 1300a with a f/w to increase it’s burn speed from 4x to 8x? Is it possible to convert it to a ND2500. (like flashing a LiteON 812 to a 832?

Any info on this would be helpful. I’d like to tweak it if at all possible.

Dan from Colorado


you would probably be as sucessful in making your 1300 a 2500 as you would be in making your 1300 an 832. the hardware is completely different. in the 451/851/832 there is only one minor difference that causes the 451/851 not to be able to do 8x -r otherwise the hardware is the exact same for all 3 drives.

LMAO! 1300@832! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your replies.

I thought I was being a little too optimistic. But it never hurts to ask.

I’ll just let my 1300a continue to be a 1300a.

Thanks again

Dan from Colorado

but you can flash tne 1300 to a plextor px712! :bow:

So, you can flash a 1300a to a PX712. That’s quite a conversion!

Are there any special patches or do I just use the latest PX712 f/w?

This is interesting, indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dan from Colorado