Can a LVW5002 be flashed to LVW5006?

Hi this is interesting me, At the moment I have a LVW5005 (well on number 3 of this model) and have found something interesting, I have opened all three and apart from the last one I bought which was one of the first to be made. The have all had a Liteon drive DDW-813s, yet the latest had a DDW-401s and had a mainboard which said LVW5001B REV4. this is what has got me interested in the idea of flashing a LVW5002 to the firmware of a LVW5006 since they are both surposed to be the same yet one can record to all formats and this is what has me confused the 5001 can’t record to all formats yet the 5005 can and yes this 5005 with a 5001B board and a DDW-401s drive can as well!

so why has LITEON done this two models one which is limited in media it can record to ?

and here is anouth conundarum the drives listed above I have searched Liteons sites and found nothing on them.

so does anyone think it would work ?

anyone prepared to try it ?