Can a LiteOn LTC-48161H be firmware upgraded to a SOHC-5232K?

Or are these based on different chipsets (hence the 1 vs. 2 on the end of their model numbers)? Has anyone tried this yet?

No can do. Different chipsets and also different lasers (the H vs. K).

Besides, the only benefit that you’d get is 52x speeds (only a few seconds faster than 48x) and 32x RW speeds (I’m having problems finding 24x RW discs as it is, much less 32x), so there really is no point.

Gotcha. Thanks.

I was dissapointed that yesterday when I got my 5232K that there was not 32x RW included. Only one 52x Ritek disc and that was it. Media availability here really sucks and I can’t even find 12x RW’s :eek:

Also my drive came with NK07 already on it. Writing quality is fine, but they got the LEDs backwards. Orange for writing, red for buffer under-run. What the hell?

not sure where you are from but newegg is good for media and here are 2 12x cdrw blanks that they sell

the combo drive chip has the led colors backwards my 48161h also burns with orange and bufferunderruns with red at least green stays green.

for upgrading: the mediatek chipsets are noted by the last number so a
40125 can be uppd to a 48125 a 411 can be upped to 811, 812 to 832 but you can’t make a 411 a 451 or 851 or a 40125 to a 48246. 48161 and 5232k are different chips and one (the 52) is a sony partner project.

What I meant was locally, I have no problems finding what I need on the net, especially newegg :bow: , but I hate waiting on shipments so i usually buy my media in store.

hmm, even I can find 32x cdrws, and im living in banana republic called Lithuania lol