Can a laptop with Celeron handle decent edit software?

I plan to return to producing video in the future. I’d to know if a laptop (with a Celeron processor) would be powerful enough to handle decent editing software.


Laptops are slow, by comparison to normal PC’s. The HD’s are incredibly slow in comparison & generally the CPU’s & ram is slower also.

Celerons are poor at doing any heavy processing.

Pay the extra and get a real CPU, even if you have to sacrifice some ram, or HD capacity.
You can get Dual Core CPU’s in laptops now too :wink:

Thanks for the info Debro. I was thinking of building a new PC for the editing tasks, but was keeping an open mind to laptops too. Looks like I’ll be going the “build my own” route. lol. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I have built a very good (and quite fast for the money) encoding, dvd burning, PVR box with the stuff in my sig for not a lot of money, some of the things that are important (IMO) are a lot of RAM 2 GB min, it does not need to be gamer fast just basic stuff, and a controller card and at least 3 Hdds, because you can encode much faster if going from one controller to another with the OS and running progs on another one. You dont need any super duper video card, I got just a basic, but with lots of outputs including TV out so I can check the look of the finished output via a TV without having to burn a disk. This also means I can use it as a PVR/HTPC :wink: