Can a labeled cd cause damage to car disc changer?

I burned my own pc created beats to a tdk printon cd-r(labeled cd). I gave the disc to my brother to listen to. After trying to play the labeled cd in his ford car disc changer the changer would not read disc anymore. Is it possible the disc could damage the player??

I dont know 100% but have heard that the label can cause the disc to be unbalanced which it would or could cause an issue with the laser.

If you hang around for a bit I am sure that some one can tell you for sure and give you more of an explanation than I can.

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Thank you for the reply rfjr23, but these disc were pre-labeled by the company(TDK). Could I still have issues with the disc being unbalanced??

No, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve heard of the occasional problem attributed to adhesive labels on DVDs, but it’s rare and DVD drives spin much, much faster than cd drives. Never heard it with cds. If you’re talking about inkjet printable discs, sometimes you’ll get a bad batch, but they couldn’t damage the player, they just wouldn’t play.