Can a home DVD Player wich only has Mpeg4 sign, also Read Divx Formats?

Hello Every one!
I’m trying to buy a home DVD player (for TV) and there is one which I like a lot. On the Box is has the MPEG-4 sign but it doesnt say any thing about DIVX.
The sales man insists if it plays MPEG-4, it will also play DIVX for sure!!! Could you pls tell me is he is saying the truth or the man is trying to sell his DVD player!!
How about Viseversa? If on a player says DIVX compatible, can It also play MPEG-4 or both names need to be on it?

Wrong forum for this question…someone should move this to the correct one for him


Divx is not automatically standard mpeg4 and vice versa.
mpeg4 can be divx, xvid etc., but it depends in the end by the resolution, codec and bitrate of the content if it works or not.

Sales droids usually don’t know what they sell so i wouldn’t bet on his expertise. :slight_smile:

Do you have a brand and typenumber? Then you can look up the specs.

ok many thanks guys!! The brand is : “Easy Home DVD UC06”. Once more many thanks and cheers.