Can a GSA-4167B be turned into a GSA-4166B?

My question is simple: I have an LG GSA-4167B. Can I turn it into an LG GSA-4166B (fully functional…)?
Or because of hardware differences, if there are any (idk:confused:) this is impossible?
Question reason: lightscribe.
That’s all. Thanks.

Hi and Welcome!

no, you cannot crossflash a 4167 to 4166. These are totally different drives. 4167 has Renesas chipset, 4166 is based on Panasonic chipset.

Additionally, Lightscribe enabled drives have additional (indexing) hardware compared to their non-LS twins.


Wasn’t sure (thats why I ask in a pro forum :slight_smile: ).
Thank you very much.

You’re Welcome :slight_smile: