Can a .exe firmware update be run in DOS mode?



I like do any kind of flashing in dos mode, but most firmwares are released in a .exe extension which is run only in windows mode. Is there any way to upgrade a firmware in dos mode? I only see a exe file for NEC-2500A on nec’s website:



exe files can be Windows or DOS. It depends on how they were written/compiled. The easy way to know for sure is to boot to DOS and try to run the exe. If you get the message that ‘this program can only be ran in Windows…’ then you have your answer.


yes, i did that, and the exe file does not run in DOS mode. So, what are my options if i want to upgrade in dos? Is there any utility that will let me ‘force’ it to work in DOS?




search and ask in the nec forum


i would, but since i already posted in the newbie forum, i don’t want to have two topics for the same problem.


There is a third party ND-2500A DOS flasher available here:


ah, ok. So i use the bin file from that site with the flasher? I don’t think the flasher will let me use the exe file.