Can a DVD recorder be modified to include a hard disc?

i own 2 LG DR7622RW DVD recorders for about 2 years
both machines have undergone several repairs, after having problems reading discs.
in fact, one of them is at the moment in the vendor’s lab for several weeks now
this recorder is perfect when it does its job, the problem is that writing and reading dvd discs is not reliable, i can never be sure that a recording i make will actually be there

so i thought that if i could add ah hard drive (or swap the DVD Drive for a hard drive) and “fool” the recorder to treat the HDD as its native drive, everything will be perfect

i have good hands and knowledge of drives in computers,
also i dont mind attaching the HDD externally or in any way.
dont mind either if it will see the hdd’s capacity as only 4.37GB.
just looking for reliability

i guess the firmware has been designed to not recognize anything but the original DVD drive, but maybe there is a chance to overcome this

will appreciate any suggestions or any experience if someone tried this on any similar dvd recorder

p.s. if i had the money i wouldn’t be bothering here, i would dump the thing and buy a good dvd recorder with hdd


The recorder will need a IDE interface that can recognise 2 devices hooked up and the firmware to know what to do with them. IF that machine has a clone that has a HD included you might be able to add one if they left all the extras IDE stuff inside to save changing around parts.
Try a site like and see if anybody has tried it but unless its identical to a model that can do it your chances are pretty slim.
There are a lot of cheap chinese Settops around that either have a HD included or come made to take a drive of your choice for fairly cheap these days.
Walmart sells some of the cheapest ones around, like the Polaroid 2001g and the RCA 8030n, and possibly some others. Both of those units will take a bigger HD then comes in the unit seeing how you want to hack what you have now and both are about 200 or maybe way less right now if you can find one.
All of this is in the US, other areas probably have the same units under different names.