Can a DVD be overburned to 5.6GB?

I want to backup a movie without to loose quality? After prossesing with DVDShrink (without compression) the size is 5.6GB. How can I put this in a dvd? Thanks!

First of all I’m not a fan of DVDshrink. I suggest you try some other software (like CloneDVD) to compare it’s quality.

But if you want to burn 5,6GB (which only contains 1 audiotrack) and you don’t want to compress it, then you have to split it up.
My suggestion is that you let CloneDVD (of Instant Copy 7)compress the 5,6GB and that you burn it to a DVDRW. Check the quality and decide to either split it up or to burn it to a DVDR.

Thanks, how can I split it?

hey all …

well I love dvd shrink …i dont see loss of compression even going to ten but hey that is me plus it does it all on its own all you have to burn

well that is my two cents …

yes i have tried other programs …decypter … copy2dvd …dvd2one…dvd x copy xpress and x copy 1.5

that is to just name a few but I have stuck with dvd shrink …
does it all right down to protection and region and doing encoding and decryting and it is freeware … how can you beat that ???

This is one way:

[ul][li]Get ifoedit and start it
[/li][li]Choose Open and select your VTS_0*_0.IFO (main movie ifo)
[/li][li]Hit VOB extra’s and select:
[/li][li]Strip stream’s
[/li][li]Strip VOBid’s
[/li][li]Correct VOB-Unit
[/li][li]Correct original IFO files
[/li][li]Create new IFO files
[/li][li]Split to 2 DVDr’s
[/li][li]Create subfolders ‘disc1’ and ‘disc2’

[li]Check if VOBsize = 1GB
[/li][li]Leave the rest as it is
[/li][li]Select a Destination Directory other then your original files and hit OK
[li]Now hit Split it
[/li][li]Check the stream you want (audio/sub) and hit Strip it
[/li][li]Next Check all and Strip it[/ul]
Now your movie is being split by ifoedit. If it gives you an error like Error opening blabla, Seems it doesn’t exist, just hit OK and it will continue.

When it’s done you can try both discs in PowerDVD or WinDVD to see if the files are ok. If not, then there’s probably something wrong with the new ifo. You should run it through DVD2one of CloneDVD to make new ifo’s. At that time no compression to the data is done cause it fits on a DVDr. Do this to both discs and burn them with the burning program of your choise.

Hope I didn’t forget anything… my eyes are slowly trying to get closed at the moment. :rolleyes: (sleepy)