Can a DVD be edited/altered?

Can a DVD be edited/altered to where some people/things stay on original, people are added, people are removed, things be altered, and is there a way to detect if that has been done to a DVD?

Sorry, your post is a little confusing, to say the least…So please start over and be specific, so we can help…

If you mean, can the files be edited on a dvd, there are multiple answers…

If you are talking about modifying an existing dvd-r or dvd+r, the answer is no. They are write once.

If you are talking about overwriting a dvd+rw or -rw, you can, but not likely that you could change things to where it would play like you want.

If you are talking about copying a video from a dvd to your hard drive, editing it, then reburning it to a new dvd, the answer is “OF COURSE”…

Like George Lucas did to Star Wars?

In order to erase someone from a scene, put them in another, and stuff like that, you need a “compositor”, like Vegas or Adobe After Effects. Those are some cash. They’re also a little rough finding help with.

If you want free, go Linux and google Cinelerra. Mac has stuff, too, but I’m a PC. Stuffy ol’ PC. :slight_smile:

And don’t expect to be able to do everything that looks simple. (There’s usually some stupid snag that isn’t obvious at first). (Yes, I’ve been fooling with this stuff myself. Haven’t got anything finished enough to show off yet. And I’m not much of a teacher).

There are a couple of sites devoted to fans re-editing movies. (Including occasional projects with compositor work in them).

Original Trilogy’s tech help section

FanEditForum (Several help catagories here).

Read all the rules (they have quite a few).

You’ll find some good technical help there, too. Read the sticky guides at the top, first. Then use the search function (it’s half-broken, like most search functions, but it’ll usually get you there). When all else fails, ask - but be patient.

Good free tutorials for After Effects"

AE likes to just stare back at you, at first. The trick is to highlight something different for every stupid step. Just go around highlighting stuff until you hit it. After a bit, it’ll be second nature. Then you must learn the hotkeys. Billions and billiions of hotkeys. :slight_smile: No, just thousands. :slight_smile: Ok, hundreds, dozens, whatever. Oh, and the tutorials don’t show the hotkeys they’re using, so you may need to watch them a few times while you try to follow along, heh.