Can a CDR writer cease to overburn?

I was always able to overburn with my writer, Teac CD-R58 (scsi), but now I can’t even burn 704 measly Megaon 700 CDS.

now even when I use the same media from the same box that used to work, causes Nero to return:

Write error
Could not perform end of Disc At Once
Invalid writestate
Could not perform end of Disc At Once

I thought it was a software issue (ASPI, Nero) so I brought back the system from a backup I made a few weeks ago, to no avail.

What’s going on and is it possible my CDR is dying?
PS: 700 megs burns just fine.


Even if it’s the same media that you have used before, unless it is from the same batch there is no guarantee things have not changed in manufacture.

More likely, the writer mechanism cannot freely travel all the way to the end of the guide rails like it used to, or the alignment has gone out in some way. The cheapest and best test would be burning to a different cd - but it is possible your writer is at fault.


I found tdk cds 700MB cd-rs let me do about 721MB while imation lets me do only 710Mb so its media dependant

hope this helps bye

I’ve found what’s wrong. It’s Nero!

I installed really old builds (5009,5035,5518) and they overburn okay,
while the newer ones (5556,5572,5578,5580) fail constantly.


Try different media and see whether the same error occurs, also try using the same media but burning something as big as 700megs or just under that and see whether you are able to do a successful burn.

I agree with “icey”, it could be that your writer is at fault coz i had the same problem with NERO and i used to try different cd media and as soon as i found media that worked the best my writer would start stuffing up the burn process with the same error. I had the drive swopped and replaced with a new one. All copies i made after that worked and i used the same media which previously failed, no problems.