Can a CD-RW harm an old CD player?

We have a Technics SL-PJ26A from 1989, originally owned by my father.
If a CD-RW was burned by a slim laptop drive such as SE-208, playing it back does cease to work.
If it was burned by a desktop disc drive such as BE14NU40, it works after warming up. I wonder, why warming up is necessary. Additionally, inactivity while staying on even renders original CDs unreadable until switching it off and waiting 20 seconds, after which it works normal again.

CD-Rs are noisy at the beginning of playback, but when warmed up, it works. CD-RW works after warming up longer.

Would playing CD-RWs on a 1989 CD player be harmful?

Our DVD recorder DV-RW250’s drive Pioneer DVR-R07 (=107/A07 technically) degraded over the years so much, that DVD-R and CD-RWs became unreadable. CD-RWs were actually not read at all “NO DISC”, and did not even start spinning, while DVD-R produced errirs C104 and C106.
Then, DVD-ROM DL also became unreadable. DVD-RW surprisingly was readable still.
A lens cleaner just temporarily enabled reading DVD-VIDEO DL (R DL is unsupported by the drive anyways).

Increasing the trimmer/potentiometer anti-clockwise about 20° with a small screedriver recovered the disc drive completely. But I would not use it for writing, because that could demolish the lens. Damaged CDDA reading performance has decreased however with increased laser potentiometer. Some damaged discs disable the drive for around one hour, if it struggled to read. Then, it always says “no disc”.