Can a CD-RW be really re-written 1000 times?

I am new to CD-RW burning. I recently bought a HP CD-RW. HP has stated that it can be re-written 1000 times. Can a CD-RW be really re-written 1000 times? Has someone tried writing so much times with success?

Thanx in advance. My CD-Writer is an HP CD-Writer Plus 9140i. (8x4x32x).

well I think that depends on the cdrw brand
but I think oc-freak can help you here

Who is oc-freak? Is he a member at this forum I am new here. Should i send him a private message.

Well most manufacturers states up to 100 times, so 1000 is a bit unrealistic I think.

But to re-write 100 times, you must be sure not to get ANY fingerprints, scratches or dust on the recording side of the discs. Normally 20 times re-writing is enough for me since I always gets some fingerprints of tiny scratche/dust on my discs.

CD-RW discs is nice for testing purposes, but else thay are near useless because:

-They have shorter lifespan than CD-R discs
-Not all older reads them
-Most readers reads them at slower speeds.

Thats OC-Freak

Thanx all of you for the information you provided.

I find this post really interesting as i rewrite on my cdrw probably 20 times a day (testing cd mate you see )
My kids eat the cdrw throw it across the room etc, so yes a cdrw can be used 1000 times, they are perfect for testing!
The one i use is the free one that came with the liteon burner 10x speed, its very good quality.
It only takes 26 secs to erase it or 6 mins for full erase so why not.

Thanx for the information provided. I have a HP 650MB 1x - 4x CD-RW. I have re-written it at the most 3 to 4 times. Which brand do you use or which is the best brand.

For your info: My Burner HP CD-Writer+ 9100b (HP 9140i) is capable of burning the 1x - 4x CD-RWs & not the 4x - 10x ones, as stated by the manufacturer. I haven’t tried using the 4x - 10x ones. Will they work on my CD-RW drive at 4x speed or will i have to use the 1x - 4x ones.

Thanx in advance.

On the Roxio site at DirectCD for Windows Technical FAQs there is a question near the bottom of the page about the number of writes to a CD-RW disk.

This was an old question, since it referenced DirectCD 2.x (now version 5.02d). At that time, the answer was that any particular spot on a CD-RW could be erased and rewritten to about 1,000 times.

But the real kicker is that it mentions that this was soon to be increased to 10,000 times.

I would think that this would be sufficient.:cool: