Can a CD be too thick

I have never had a problem burning music cd’s from a play list on my computer and getting them to play on nay player, until the last one I burned.

The blank CD is Memorex CD-R. The CD will play on my computer and will play in my player for the TV, but it will not play in any car player we have tried (3). The only thing we have noticed is the CD itself is a bit thicker than music CD’s bought at the store to play. Does the thickness make a difference, if so is there a brand that is thinner?

I have never had a problem burning music cd’s from a play list on my computer and getting them to play on nay player, until the last one I burned.

What CD disc(s) have you used in the past that worked?..
Same SW being used?.. Same methods?..
AFAIK, the thickness is irrelevant, but more so, the media/player compatibility[I] is[/I]…

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Slot-loading CD players such as those in cars are usually very sensitive to the disc thickness. For example, discs with a label stuck on should not be used in them and may jam.

Generallly all recordable CDs should be of the same thickness to be compliant with the compact disc standard. However, if it is a printable CD where the top is all white, it’s quite possible this layer this may be the culprit.

To start with, try another brand of CD-R that is not printable. These are easy to tell apart, as the printable white-top CD-Rs typically have the word ‘Printable’, ‘Inkjet’ or ‘Thermal’ written on them.

I have always bought Memorex, but to be honest I don’t remember if they were the same thickness as this one. Sorry but I don’t know what sw stands for.

In the past I used Roxio to burn the cd, this time I burned it using Windows, would that make a difference?

There is no type of label on this cd, paper or other wise.

Roxio= SW( software)…Try burning with it again or with other proper burning apps…
Try Burrrn, Burnaware, CDBurnerXP, Ner0 (yikes!) etc…

Ok thanks, I’ll give Roxio a try on this one, and thank you for letting me know what sw stands for. I am sure after I here for a while I will understand all the abbreviations.

See you around, :cool:

Well I burned the play list using Roxio and I am having the same problem, the player will not accept the disc.

So out of curiosity I put in a cd I burned 3 or 4 years ago. The player accepts it, and plays it like a charm, paper label and all. Because of the label I can’t tell you what the brand is or any other information that may be on the disc top.

I have a newer computer and a newer version of Roxio, but I am thinking the problem is the CD itself.

The blank CD is:

52x 700MB 80 Min.

Any suggestions?

Maybe Roxio has a disc ID tool like NeroInfo tool…ID the working disc(s) and use them again…Or try other/better/compatible media…

That’s just it, I don’t know what is compatible, if the disks I have aren’t how does one know what disk to buy that will play in a certain player?

Technology is wonderful until someone who has too much time on their hands to do their best to screw it up. :frowning:

Well I think I may have solved this problem also.

I went back to Wally-World and bought blank cd’s that said they were for music. The clerk at the store said there was probably no difference between those I bought previously and the music ones. Well… there was a difference because now the recorded cd does play on our car player.

Is the cd thinner than the ones I bought, I am really not sure, they do seem to feel a bit different, but I am going to guess it may have more to do with perhaps formatting on the cd itself. Perhaps there was formatting already on the cd, I just don’t know, I am just thrilled it works!!