Can a bootable CD be created in Win XP?

Have been trying–and failing–to create a bootable CD containing FTP drivers for TIVO from an ISO distribution published on the web.

Reading the fine print in the Nero 5.5 help files, I see that Win XP is not listed as a supported system for creating bootable CDs.

What is the issue? Is there a way around this using a different product?:confused:

Hi palindrome, welcome aboard :slight_smile:

I think you just found a bug in the Nero manual. Ofcourse, XP can be used for creating bootable discs. If you have an ISO image that encapsulates a bootable CDROM, you can just burn it by clicking file->burn image and selecting the image. If you want to create a bootable disc on your own, select bootable cd from the list of possible disctypes you can burn and follow the instructions. If you need a bootdisk to put on CD, be sure to check

Good luck!