Can a BlueRay Drive be tweaked to read Sega GD-ROMs

Just wondering if a BlueRay drive can be tweaked to read Sega GD-ROMs, say, after flashing it with some kind of custom firmware.

Check the BD drive reviews and you have the answer.

Would you be kind enough to say, which one? :wink:

Now with the Sony PS3 being able to play Sega Dreamcast games, with NullDC, it would be nice if it could read GD-ROMs as well :bigsmile:
Have to finish that once started Shenmue game.

You want to rip them instead of “reading”??

Actually I was thinking of “reading”, just like in the real Dreamcast.

But even ripping would be fine. The “ripping” could be rephrased in the emulator to something like “first time installation” (common in many PS3 games), during which the disc could be ripped to the PS3’s hard drive :wink: