Can a BENQ 1620 work in a USB 2 case

I put a Benq 1620 with firmware B7V9 in a external USB 2 case with a prolific chipset. This is the one that is supposed to work.
In this state it does not burn it starts but quickly stops. The disk is not affected. The BENQ is recognized correctly by Win XP pro SP2.

My question is: do I need different firmware. If yes where do I get it and what model would I use
Is their an external drive by Benq.

Thanks in advance


Try the external firmware as a CVT file and the flasher needed and you should do OK. Mine burns at 12x max on USB, 16x on firewire, AFTER I converted it to the external 1621 firmware. Before it could only manage 12x with either connection.
Some of the older prolific boxes can’t be flash upgraded so if yours is a old one that may be a problem too. Do a search for the cvt file links and checkout the external enclosure thread, lots of good info there.

The problem you are describing should not be dependant on older firmware in either the drive or the Prolific chip. Even with both you should still get a burn started. I would look to the media or a possibility of a problem with the USB connection or the external case. Possibly the burning app. Try burning a CD and see what happens.

BTW, I tried the 1621 firmware and the burn quality was worse than anything I have seen since the old days, almost unreadable. You should be able to get 12X with no problem with B7V9 and the Prolific 3507.

I haven’t tested the USB, only the firewire but others here have had luck with the USB.

Make sure that the driver is on master.

I Thank you all for your help. I will try to ID the prolific chip and upgrade if possible.
I have been able to burn at 2.4 with a RW disk and my next burn will be at 4 times. I will post my results.

I did a real dumb thing. I did not want to waste a good blank recordable so I used a ridata 1X DVD. I forgot the Benq will not burn at 1 X.

My Fault


I stuck my 1625 into an external case recently and had to update the firmware of the prolific chip so here are a few tips;

ID the chip

With the identiy of the chip get the latest firmware from here.

Get the romwriter software from here - dont worry if you dont use the right one first time it wont flash the firmware unless it is, at least that was the way for me.

I can confirm that these files also worked on my 3507 chip.

Once you get it all sorted KennW and others posted to one of the threads about a new external firmware just released that seems to be based on the latest firmware, but with some of that ones bugs fixed. it seems to only be listed on their chinese language taiwan site. I have it on my converted 1620 in my prolific chip box and I think it works about as well as my favorite T firmware on my internal pro drive does.
Try this one

I rolled back to B7T9 firmware and was able to burn at 8X with no problems.

To ID the prolific Chip do I have to read it off the chip

Thanks in advance for all your help