Can a 809mb VCD MPEG fit on a 700mb CD?

As the title says, I have converted an AVI to VCD complaint MPG, but it turned out 809mb. I am running low on CDs and don’t want to waste a cd at the moment.
I read somewhere that a 70min/700mb CD will fit 800mb of VCD. Is this true?
And if it is, can I overburn to fit 809mb?

If I can overburn, could you give me a step-by-step guide on how to overburn it, because I don’t know how. I have Nero 5.


To tell you the truth. It IS possible.

BUT. To do it requires that you write the track in Raw mode WITHOUT any error correction (ie one scratch can render the disk unreadable)

Im trying to remember but i think you have to write it as a Mode 1 track.

but. Not all readers will be able to read in Raw Mode.

Select Video CD as profile instead of Data CD.

I do select Video CD mode - I always choose it. But at the bottom of the screen, some of the bar is red. So I am guessing that I can’t burn it. But the wierd thing is that the bar only goes up to 650mb or something like that.
But still, after all the things I have read saying that I can burn up to 800mb… And some saying that you can burn up to 835mb! But mine is just 9mb more.
So would it be possible still? And I really don’t know what options to choose in Nero to overburn or whatever I need.
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can burn it in VideoCD mode with Overburn turned on, no probs. In Nero’s File/Preferences, go to Expert Features and tick the “Enable Overburning…” box. Leave at default 82min and just burn it. This does assume your 80min CD’s does have a bit more room on them, most do.

They are Verbatim CD’s DatalifePlus

They shouldnt be a problem, go for it.