Can 8x DL Media be burned in a 2.4x/4x drive?

I’ve got a Tub of ZeroDefex 8x printable DL media with mid RICOHJPN-D01 and trying to burn them in my 3500 with f/w 2.1B, obviously the 3500 won’t burn at 8x but does give me 4x.

However, when the burn completes in IMGBURN I get an error ‘invalid track in session’ or something like that and the burn fails, the disc cannot be closed?

Are 8x rated media only burnable in an 8x certified drive as I can’t quite find the answer?

They need to be supported in the firmware. It sounds like they might be supported if they burn at 4x though.

I see two issues:

  1. RICOHJPN-D01 hasn’t fared too well as quality media.
  2. The 3500 may use some generic 4x DL burn strategy, not specifically catered towards it.

Thus, when you combine 1 and 2, it’s not surprising to find the error message(s) in ImgBurn.

RICOHJPN D01 002 media is supported at 2.4x and 4x in NEC ND-3500AG 2.1B firmware - I just checked.

How well it is supported is another matter, and it’s not known for being good quality media.

There’s also the possibility that it’s a problem with the software or the image being burned.

Here’s the info from NeroDVDSpeed if it helps:

This is the first time I’ve tried to burn any 8x DL media in the 3500! looks like sticking to either Verbs or CMC MAG D01/D04 @ 4x then as I know they both burn fine on the 3500!