Can 812S become 1213S

Is the Lite-on 812S Drive ever going to be able to write at 12X ?
Can the 1213S firmware be the answer? :confused:
Will crosspatching with the omnipatcher be possible with this combination?
Does anyone even have a 1213S drive yet?
Have we pushed the capabilities of the 812S too far already?
Who can answer these all important questions?


                 :)           812S@1213S       :)

Check this site out for details on the 1213S news


Who needs 12X neway?

Good thing you replied so fast, i almost got my hopes up :slight_smile:

but a 1213 may become a 1632 :wink:

1633S… not “2” :wink:

but who needs 16x when its useless until there is some media ? :confused:

Well, that’s what media overspeeding is for! :bigsmile:

Who needs ANY of these new speeds since most people’s machines can’t deliver 8x reliably, nevermind anything faster?

  • Gurm

hmm overspeeding is somewhat questionable compared with the results of different brands and im not sure if peoples have a gold claim next door lol
I mean what burner can burn 8x at 12x and then 16x with reliable results ?

But overspeeding is fun… here’s a 4x disc zapped at 12x. :slight_smile: