Can 48126s defeat audio protections?

In the review of the LTR-52246s it was revealed that this model has the ability with its shipped firmware to defeat the current audio protections like cactus shield. Previous versions had been unable to do this. By upgrading the firmware to ZSOP the 40125s can now also defeat the audio protections. No mention was made of the 48126s. Given that this is the better value drive can anyone confirm if the 48126s with its shipped firmware is able to defeat audio protections or do I need to flash upgrade to a 52246s firmware and therfore potentially void the warrenty? What other firmwares if any are available for the 48126s that can defeat audio protection?

I woud also appreciate any feedback on the ability of the LTR-48246s and its firmware versions to defeat audio protections.

These 3 drives are the same drive. There are sometimes differences between various firmwares, in their ability to copy.
So if one firmware doesn’t do it, another might. If you are considering the purchace of the mentioned drive, you would just need to flash the firmware to be assured of the same performance as the 52x drive. It may also be true that all 3 will perform about the same in copying.