Can 4040B be flashed to duallayer i.e.8080B?



Has anyone tried flashing an LG GSA 4040B burner to a dual burner, such as the 8080B burner bios?


I still have my 4040b, but you’re really pushing it if you think you could make it dual layer.

its only a 4x drive, I think it was lg’s first dvd drive? It was released before people ever believed dual layer would be possible.

I’ve been itching to replace mine, but it won’t die. I think I might hold out until the new lg drive comes out with lightscribe support.

anwways, i’m 99… hell 100 percent sure you would never be able to get dual layer support out of a 4040b.


4040B wasn’t even the first LG drive reviewed by some websites and magazines.

There are basically two LG drives of 8x DVD speeds: 4081B and 4082B. 4082B has 8x DVD-R and 4081B has 4x DVD-R. Both have 8x DVD+R.

If you want to flash your 4040B to 408*B, go to an LG service center and make good friends there. They can take your 4040B and give 4167B instead. Another possibility is to sell your 4040B for US$20 now and buy 4167B for US$20 when it costs that low.