Can 1633 scans be so different for the same media type




I just got a 1633S. Its been flashed to BSOS. I’ve read about the hit or miss quality of CMC MAG E01 meda.

I had some here so I burnt a couple of them tonight and scanned them. B1 is the first burn, B2 is the second.

My question is can these two burns be that different. The blanks were from the same purchased bundle.

The first burn was terrible. The second burn was much better. Can I expect this variation.

I would like to use ricoh media, but I haven’t found a place to purchase them without trial and error buys of TDK or Fuji. Can someone point me to where ricoh media can be purchased.



Sometimes the first disc in a spindle is kind of beat up and doesn’t burn well.


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Wow, that’s a big difference. It could be the media but it’s more likely to do with the learning ability of the drive (maybe both). You should see your best result after 4 burns. :wink:

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Thanks for the response.

I was hoping it had something to do with learning, as I’ve seen it mentioned before. So when ever I change media types I can expect several bad burns before they get usable?



No it wassn’t the first disk in the bundle, rather it was the first cd+r I tried in this drive.


Not always. It depends on the media and the drive, but there will usually be an improvement on the second burn.