Can 1004IM upgrade to 8X?

Can 1004IM upgrade to 8X by any method? Please reply if anyone know how to do it, thank you very much.

hy and welcome

this theme was discussed here a few times please use the search function

I have searched but cann’t find the relative topics. Could you show the links to me?

keywords: 1004@1008 and maybe flashing 1004 i´ve added two links

Apparently it is possible to flash the 1004 with the 1008 firmware, and the drive will then work up to 4x, but attempts to burn at 8x result in burned out laser and/or unreadable discs.

Thanks for ‘herbei’ and ‘contre’ your response.

I forgot to add, some people had found that flashing a 1004 with the 1008 firmware gave them better media compatibility than the 1004 regular firmware.

But that was around 043 - 048 versions. maybe the later 1004 firmware versions have caught up.

I believe that some people have flashed a 4x Lite-On drive with the firmware intended for its 8x brother and got it to work.

8x drives are so cheap now it hardly seems worth risking destroying a working drive though.

Hi all,

I have flashed my 1004 to 1008 firmware via DOS using mtkflash 1.80. I was running the v150 1004 firmware and was still getting some intermittant pixelation when Ritek G04 were played in my Panasonic standalone (RV30)

I currently have the v0558 1008 firmware and so far it seems as if the intermittant pixelation on my Panasonic standalone has been solved.

I will not try burning at any higher speed than 4x though since I have heard that this may cause the laser to burn out.

Yesterday evening I have changed firmware but although the flash it has gone to good aim, after to have resettato the PC, hour the BTC1004 is died. The drawer of the DVD is not opened not even and in the post it begins them the PC jams why it more does not succeed to recognize the peripheral one,quite it remains always ignited the red spy on case (HD). Help me!!! :bow: :bow:

Excused my English bad one, but use google for translate.